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Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at fbihome.de
Fri Jan 27 08:42:38 UTC 2017

Am 27.01.2017 um 07:07 schrieb David Ostrovsky:
> It would be also cool, if you could look into new and shiny gerrit UI,
> based on JavaScript Polymer framework, and provide feedback. You can
> see the new UI in action upstream by switching in footer to new UI.
> Only change screen is implemented for now. All diffs on one page is
> already implemented:
> https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/

Generally I like the new UI - if just for the - per file expandable -
inline diff :-) But switching the "info" and "commit message" frames
produces a lot of unused / white area on the right, and uses more
precious vertical space.
Especially since the left "info" frame doesn't expand much horizontally,
so can't / won't display multiple reviewers in one row, but instead the
commit message expands, which almost ever has a fixed maximum width.

I first had a look at


but it's probably event better to see, if you check


Now there is some of the white space used by the relation chain.
Just decrease the browser horizontally.

To save some vertical space it would also help to merge Reviewers,
Code-Review and Verified into a table, so this won't duplicate name
lists, like:

Reviewer | Verified | Code
Me       |   +1     |  +1
You      |          |  -1

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