Usage of ActiveX in Libre Office at at
Fri Jan 27 23:24:16 UTC 2017


Am 27.01.2017 um 18:03 schrieb Bryan Quigley:
> Looking back over my previous attempt, I think you might not be
> affected.  (In any case COM/ATL support would not be dropped)

> The other problem was not having good test cases for making changes to
> the code.  I do note in my original release notes "We specifically
> want feedback if you use ActiveX to embed LibreOffice components into
> your application."  Our original intention was to remove the plugin
> that allows you to embed LibreOffice inside other applications (like
> IE) using ActiveX.  Without test cases that worked, we weren't able to
> ensure we wouldn't break something.
Ah, maybe we were talking about different things.
Do you mean the ability i.e. to put an LO calc document as object into a 
MS word document, and when activating the object the LO menu appears and 
take over control? I was talking about the pure automation through COM, 
remotely working on LO documents or gathering information.

ActiveX is more likely a marketing buzzword used for many aspects of the 
COM technology.

So, no, we don't use that OLE stuff. I can remember from the early days 
of OLE it was slow and had poor stability, so I never used that.

Best regards

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