LO 80731 - Incorrect syntax does compile, MID without end bracket

Katarina Behrens Katarina.Behrens at cib.de
Thu Jul 6 08:08:44 UTC 2017

Hello world, 

I kinda like Mike's proposal to use strict checking when test-compiling the 
code in IDE

> I do support Pierre's proposal to have an option to (temporarily)
> *uncheck* the strict syntax checking,
> However
> - the option should be easily visible and accessible from the Basic IDE
> (f.i. not after having checked "enable experimental features" first ...)
I do get the reasoning why Basic IDE branch of Tools > Options tree was made 
invisible (because the checkboxes therein were inactive without enabling 
experimental mode) ...

... but I somehow fail to see what is so experimental about those IDE options 
(unless of course ~all of development in Basic is considered to be an 
experiment :grin: )


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