LO 80731 - Incorrect syntax does compile, MID without end bracket

Pierre Lepage pierrelepage3 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 10:11:33 UTC 2017


Indeed, I also do not see the reason for having to check "Enable 
experimental functions (may be unstable)". Can we remove this step and 
thus make the StarBasic IDE available by default without more fuss?
Also, a kind of "strict" compilation mode on demand seems to me 
difficult to defend. How do we notify customers about this inconsistency 
of the StarBasic interpreter?
I have a suggestion. We include by default (but only for a time limit of 
some revisions) an error tolerance of the closing parenthesis. And let's 
set a warning to compile (as in gcc). Here, it would be necessary for 
the compiler to have the ability to output a list of all the places in 
the code where a closing parenthesis is missing. Otherwise, the compiler 
that stops with each error is really annoying and is wasting time on the 
programmer who wants to fix the problem.

The warning message could read as follows:

Warning: One or more closing parentheses are missing in one or more 



Le 2017-07-06 à 04:08, Katarina Behrens a écrit :
> Hello world,
> I kinda like Mike's proposal to use strict checking when test-compiling the
> code in IDE
>> I do support Pierre's proposal to have an option to (temporarily)
>> *uncheck* the strict syntax checking,
>> However
>> - the option should be easily visible and accessible from the Basic IDE
>> (f.i. not after having checked "enable experimental features" first ...)
> I do get the reasoning why Basic IDE branch of Tools > Options tree was made
> invisible (because the checkboxes therein were inactive without enabling
> experimental mode) ...
> ... but I somehow fail to see what is so experimental about those IDE options
> (unless of course ~all of development in Basic is considered to be an
> experiment :grin: )

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