For what versions get source archives created?

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier at
Tue Jul 25 10:37:54 UTC 2017

Hi Paul, *,

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Paul Menzel <pmenzel at> wrote:
> I noticed, that in the Git repository, the tag *libreoffice-* was
> added on July 12th, 2017 [1]. (Unfortunately the Change-Id cannot be found
> in Gerrit. [2])

It is not a change request, and not part of any (named) bracnh, but
you can find it in gerrit's gitweb (or on the various mirrors like, github, launchpad,..);a=commit;h=020db1aa8142e57290f8a21e4df31185392d0e38

> Again, I am unable to find the source archive on the download server [3].

What do you mean with "again"?

> The directory 5.3.5 doesn’t even exist.

It only exists on mirrors once the stuff is pushed to mirrors.
Before that the builds are assembled on pre-release server:

> Could you please explain to, what versions source archives are created for?

Source archives are created for all tags, but only the last version
will be kept on mirror, i.e. for 5.3.5 release, the 5.3.5 rc1 sources
will be removed/the ones for rc2 will be on download mirror.

> [3]

That's were they are. and when you compare with 5.3.4 for example: → there
are the ones for rc2 only.

Why are you looking for the source archives in the first place?
For most usecases using the repositories directly is more convenient...


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