For what versions get source archives created?

Paul Menzel pmenzel at
Tue Jul 25 10:59:36 UTC 2017

Dear Christian,

Thank you for your response.

On 07/25/17 12:37, Christian Lohmaier wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Paul Menzel <pmenzel at> wrote:
>> I noticed, that in the Git repository, the tag *libreoffice-* was
>> added on July 12th, 2017 [1]. (Unfortunately the Change-Id cannot be found
>> in Gerrit. [2])
> It is not a change request, and not part of any (named) bracnh, but
> you can find it in gerrit's gitweb (or on the various mirrors like
>, github, launchpad,..)

So the Change-Id is added to all commits, even if not pushed for Gerrit 
for review? I guess, for example, to better track cherry-picks in other 

>> Again, I am unable to find the source archive on the download server [3].
> What do you mean with "again"?

I had the same problem with [4], though the lag wasn’t that big 

>> The directory 5.3.5 doesn’t even exist.
> It only exists on mirrors once the stuff is pushed to mirrors.
> Before that the builds are assembled on pre-release server:

I guess that is the *master* though, 
that means, all mirrors mirror from that server?

>> Could you please explain to, what versions source archives are created for?
> Source archives are created for all tags, but only the last version
> will be kept on mirror, i.e. for 5.3.5 release, the 5.3.5 rc1 sources
> will be removed/the ones for rc2 will be on download mirror.
>> [3]
> That's were they are. and when you compare with 5.3.4 for example:
> → there
> are the ones for rc2 only.

Yes, *today* they are there. Yesterday, that directory was *not* there, 
or wasn’t accessible. I checked with GNU Wget and a browser.

So does it take over a week to get the archives published, or does the 
directory need to be manually created on the server, and was just forgotten?

> Why are you looking for the source archives in the first place?
> For most usecases using the repositories directly is more convenient...

I know, but our internal package build system was written for source 
archives, so that’s what we prefer.

Kind regards,


     "LibreOffice archive missing, 06/19/17 11:56"

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