GSoC Weekly Report 7 & 8: LibreOffice for Android - Gautam Prajapati

Gautam Prajapati gautamprajapati06 at
Wed Jul 26 12:05:40 UTC 2017

*Week 7*: I was working on the task of build NSS with NDK provided
toolchains. The build was failing and the goal was to switch to NSS by
default on Android as well.

During this week, I was able to build NSS with NDK GCC toolchain. I had to
do understand the makefiles and had to do some tweaks in them because NSS
was not very supportive of cross compiling for Android. I prepared the NSS
patch for Android.

*Week 8*: Since Clang is the default compiler for building LO Android, NSS
also had to be built with Clang toolchain. I made some more tweaks to
configure and makefiles of NSS to support Clang.

Module level build i.e "make nss" is successful always but I was facing a
failure with top-level make. I'm working to solve the cause of same.

I also submitted a WIP patch on gerrit for mentors to review:

Gautam Prajapati
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