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Heiko Tietze tietze.heiko at
Mon Jul 31 07:21:12 UTC 2017

Hi Christopher,

you are very welcome in our project. Whether your volunteers are
developers, designers, translators, QA fellows, help authors... we
have teams for all disciplines. Start from to find the how-to
pages at our wiki. Speaking about UX, the start page is with all relevant
information. My advice is to just jump into the cold water and to read
and comment on Bugzilla (design
related tickets have the keyword needsuxadvice).
As Henry pointed out we also have Spanish speaking communities. A
group was created recently on Telegram
( The local communities are one of
the main pillars for LibreOffice. CC'ing the marketing about that who
may know details.

Thanks a lot for fostering Open Source,
Heiko Tietze (UX Mentor at LibreOffice)

2017-07-29 17:56 GMT+02:00 Christopher Díaz <christopher.diaz.riv at>:
> Hi,
> My name is Christopher Díaz Riveros, I'm a software development student
> in Lima, Peru. For some time now I have been supporting my Linux
> community, Gentoo Linux, and I have discovered a wide world of
> possibilities in open source.
> I tell you this because it has been so much benefit in my training as a
> developer that I am determined to start a new community in my country
> to be able to make technology-related career students find an open
> source community in which they can learn to work and get the same
> positive effect that I have had on mine. I have already been talking to
> some teachers, I am about to begin my final year of studies in
> institute, and they agree to start the community with students of the
> institution.
> As one of the main problems when getting involved with a community here
> is English, and few are able to have fluent conversations in that
> language, as it is a bit intimidating for most to approach an open
> source community. My community hopes to get in touch with different
> open source projects throughout the world and seeks to be a mid-point
> to interact among young people and communities.
> Having said all this I have only to offer the community of LibreOffice,
> the availability of our community (we still do not have a definite
> name) and see if anyone is interested in supporting this group of
> developers here and with a bit of luck to be able to turn it into a
> movement of all Latin America.
> Thanks and any kind of feedback is welcome :)
> Christopher Diaz Riveros
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