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Christopher Díaz christopher.diaz.riv at
Mon Jul 31 14:09:26 UTC 2017

Thank you both for the info and the translation :)

I'll read the docs, hopefully is pretty much the same workflow of my
community :) Right now we are only 4 members and since the classes
begin on August 15th, maybe right now there is not going to be a lot of
contributions from us, but as soon as we can help with something we
will :D

This will help me a lot in order to go to other universities and
institutes and invite students or profesors to join us :)

I hope that marketing could help us with a couple of ideas of how to
make this new community ( our beta name is "Code-Labora" and english-
spanish wordplay).

Thanks again for being very kind with us and I hope to keep contact
with all of you :)
Christopher Díaz Riveros

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