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On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 11:51 PM, <uznomis at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My project and Gautam’s project both work on Android Viewer’s MABs. I
> noticed some of the proposed work of ours overlap and I was wondering how
> are going to solve this conflict. I copied our proposals in the following
> links.

Sure we are aware of the issue. As you two were both good candidates (that
were already working together during "proposal" phase) and there is a lot
to do on Android, we decided to accept both of you. Of course this now
means that both of your proposals aren't exact anymore and we need to
adjust the plan. Also you to solved a number of Android bugs already in the
proposal period so we would need to adjust the plan in any way. :)

So with Miklos we talked today and identified what are the most necessary
changes that need to be done to get Android and I identified more
independent tasks:

Priority tasks:
- change android specific subset of libstdc++ library to use a complete
libc++ library
- build NSS security library for android (currently the only platform where
it is disabled)
- adapt the UI for Calc - add column, row headers and addapt the view
- fullscreen presentation mode in impress - use same approach as in Online,
export to html+svg and show that in a full-screen webview

After that solve android bugs. I will add more of the bugs so it will be
easier to choose from them. I looked at what features we have in LO Online
so at least the following things I have identified:
- inserting shapes
- inserting and handling of comments
- inserting footnotes, endnotes
- styles: paragraph, character and showing them in the menu
- good color picker
- formatting options

I will send you two the details about those tasks in a separate mail with
also instructions how you can access the TDF instance of LibreOffice Online
so you can check what is possible. Most of the features should be
relatively easy to add to Android.

> Best regards,
> Ximeng

Best regards, Tomaž
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