[Firebird-devel] MacOS build fail "SSE4.2 instruction set not enabled"

Alex Peshkoff peshkoff at mail.ru
Mon May 15 08:53:13 UTC 2017

On 05/12/17 22:13, Julien wrote:
> I gave a try but had this:
> lo/lode/dev/core/workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird/src/common/CRC32C.cpp:41:10: error: always_inline function '_mm_crc32_u8' requires target feature 'sse4.1', but would be inlined into function 'CRC32C' that is compiled without support for 'sse4.1'
>                  return _mm_crc32_u8(hash_value, *value);
>                         ^
> Are you sure msse4 shouldn't be added in CXXFLAGS instead of COMMON_FLAGS?

In linux COMMON_FLAGS is used and it appears to be correct choice from 
general POV - msse4 makes sense for both plain C & C++.
But what about darwin - yes, looks like it does not use COMMON_FLAGS at 
all, with CXXFLAGS this should work.

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