Help system improvements (II)

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at
Tue May 30 17:02:34 UTC 2017

Em 30/05/2017 11:54, Jan Holesovsky escreveu:
> Hi Cloph,
> Christian Lohmaier píše v Út 30. 05. 2017 v 16:15 +0200:
>>>> 1) issue with offline use (file://path/to/pages/)
>>> What exactly is the issue, please?
>> browsers blocking loading of local files for security reason.
>>>> To do:
>>>> 3) Resolve protocol file:// for offline use (hit CORS guideline
>>>> restriction for browsers)
>>> What exactly is needed here, please?
>> for chromium, one could make the help an extension package, that way
>> it would be allowed to load files from a configured directory (in
>> other words:  add a corresponding manifest file)
>> see also
> That was the problem with loading data via XMLHTTPRequest / jquery's
> load (we were trying to solve previously); but if the files are static
> html now, I see no problem to link directly (<a
> href="something/blah">...</a>), which does not have this problem :-)
> Or am I missing something?

The issue is to dynamically load the bookmark_<module>.html file in the
page. Currently the JS solution is


(I tested replacing it by <iframe> or <object> but that brings other
issues. I also tested < link rel="imports" bookmark.../> but I also hit
restrictions on browsers ( )


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