Some infomation about recent Qt5 mouse handling work.

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Tue Nov 7 01:51:28 UTC 2017


I'm just coming from a phoronix post about qt5 work on libreoffice. I
noticed that 
mentioned that there're still some issues on touchpad, so I'd just like to
provides some info about qt5's wheel event since I had fixed a bunch of
similar issue in KDE some time ago.

This is because qt5  generates high resolution touchpad event.  The correct
implementation can be  done by either making use of pixelDelta to do high
resolution scroll, or using  angleDelta(or delta in qwidget) to trigger a
"tick" every 120 unit of angle delta. More information can be  found at (it's for
qml but the information about delta also applies to qwidget).

An example of "120 per tick" implementation in KDE code base can be found

I guess for this  Qt5 work is still WIP probably doesn't worth a bug report,
so I'd just ping some one  here.


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