Encountered a couple of problems with LibreOffice 5.4.3

Bahram Maskanian b.maskanian at venusproject.org
Sat Nov 11 16:53:37 UTC 2017

Dear LibreOffice developers,

First, I like to thank you for developing and offering such a great  
suite of programs to the public free of charge.   I am using MAC OS  
Sierra.  Recently I downloaded the latest LibreOffice 5.4.3 and soon  
after start working with it, I encountered a couple of problems listed  

1 - Question for you, I opened a MS Word just text document consisting  
of 3377 pages, in LibreOffice, the document registered as 3063 pages.?

2 - I regularly use text to speech function of my mac, I simply  
highlight few sentences, or paragraph for my computer to read them  
back to me.  Never had any problems with it until I tried it with  
LibreOffice.  When I highlight couple of paragraphs, LibreOffice some  
how disrupts the text to speech function, thereby my computer does not  
read the paragraphs selected, and no matter which text is selected, it  
only reads back a random paragraph, that are not selected.?

I thought you might want to know that.

Thanks again,
Bahram Maskanian

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