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Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Wed Nov 15 18:43:31 UTC 2017

Hi Henry,

On Tuesday, 2017-11-14 16:44:18 -0400, Henry Castro wrote:

> > Spell checking in Calc does not work this way with a global document
> > language or paragraph language, language is a cell attribute (or in-cell
> > EditEngine text portion attribute).
> Indeed, after reading code they are designed to cell attribute, but I did not
> find anything to apply this, since they are not set, the cell take the global
> document language

*If* not set then it's equal to the document language.

To obtain the font/spell-checking language attribute of the current
selection (single cell, range, or multi-selection) you could use
something like this

    ScTabViewShell* pTabViewShell = GetViewData()->GetViewShell();
    const SfxItemSet& rAttrSet = pTabViewShell->GetSelectionPattern()->GetItemSet();
    LanguageType nLang = static_cast<const SvxLanguageItem&>(rAttrSet.Get(ATTR_FONT_LANGUAGE)).GetValue();
    if (nLang == LANGUAGE_SYSTEM)
        nLang = Application::GetSettings().GetLanguageTag().getLanguageType();

Note that for multiple cells the returned LanguageType may not match the
individual values if cells have different attribute values. You may want
to check if the ATTR_FONT_LANGUAGE SfxItem is actually set in the
SfxItemSet (rAttrSet.Get(ATTR_FONT_LANGUAGE).GetItemState() == SfxItemState::SET)
and otherwise use LANGUAGE_MULTIPLE. YMMV.

This is only the Western language attribute, if you also want CJK and
CTL (which are not used for spell-checking) check how it's done in

    LanguageType ScViewUtil::GetEffLanguage( ScDocument* pDoc, const ScAddress& rPos )

and use pTabViewShell->GetSelectionScriptType().

To apply a new (Western) font language to the current selection use

    pTabViewShell->ApplyAttr( SvxLanguageItem( nLang, ATTR_FONT_LANGUAGE));

Do not use multiple consecutive ApplyAttr() calls, to apply more than
one attribute in one go there's ApplySelectionPattern(const ScPatternAttr& rAttr)

Hope this helps.


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