ATTENTION: recent Gerrit Jenkins hang

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Thu Nov 16 14:42:56 UTC 2017


Please rebase all your (existing and future) master Gerrit changes atop 
current master, containing that above commit "Avoid infinite loops in 


Starting sometime in the last 24 hours, Jenkins builds of Gerrit master 
changes (specifically the linux_clang_dbgutil_64 among the four builds) 
started to hang, causing the "Gerrit Build v2" queue at 
<> to grow forever.

I think I've fixed my mistake that caused that now with 
"Avoid infinite loops in loplugin" now.  (It was an infinite loop that 
could now happen in loplugin.  Unfortunately, it apparently only happens 
with some old Clang versions, so it didn't happen for me locally when 
introducing the mistake.  Double unfortunately, for performance reasons 
that loplugin-enabled Gerrit Jenkins bot does not invalidate its ccache 
when loplugin changes, so it happened to not actually recompile any of 
the problematic sources against the changed loplugin when I handed to 
Gerrit for verification that change introducing the mistake.  Things 
only started to go south later, when some unsuspecting other Gerrit 
change caused actual rebuild of such a source file.)

I have killed all outstanding Gerrit Jenkins builds a moment ago.  (And 
might have accidentally killed one or the other unrelated Jenkins build, 
too.  That web UI is really hard to use there.)

What, triple unfortunately, caused this to wreck even more havoc is that 
Jenkins apparently doesn't automatically kill builds that don't 
progress.  It would be greatly appreciated if somebody in charge of that 
Jenkins installation could look into that.  (If, for testing purposes, 
you need a way to get a compiler invocation to hang during the build, I 
can help you out with that.)

Really sorry for the inconveniences...

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