Copyright infringement and future of Hunspell

Димитриј Мијоски dmjpp at
Mon Nov 20 18:04:07 UTC 2017

Hello Németh László,

hopefully you noticed that I fixed the issue you raised and reverted 
things to where they were.

Considering all the input, would you be interested in updating the 
license to MPL version 2. That license can be practically used as a 
drop-in replacement of the tri-license and keep compatibility with all 
users. Mozilla did exactly this for Firefox. Few years ago they were 
using the the tri-license and they updated to MPLv2. Libreoffice already 
uses MPLv2.

In the spirit of moving forward and modernizing, I think this change 
will only simplify things for everyone. I will put version 2 under MPL 2 
if we agree on this.

Best regards,

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