Copyright infringement and future of Hunspell

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2017-11-17 19:44 GMT+01:00 Димитриј Мијоски <dmjpp at>:
> Reverted.
> I guess everybody should be happy now. Life goes on. I won't touch
> version 1 code any more.

Thanks for reverting.

2017-11-18 1:00 GMT+01:00 Димитриј Мијоски <dmjpp at>:

> @ everyone in this thread
> Ok, can we conclude now. V1 is tri-license back as it was, V2 will be
> LGPLv3 only, for the time being. I did the change because I wanted to
> link V2 into V1, to have full backward compatibility. But, I gave it an
> additional though and there is a simple solution to link V1 into V2 and
> keep the whole package backward compatible (including ABI).
> Once V2 is finished, if you like it, put it in LibreOffice. If you don't
> like it, don't do it. We are really trying hard to make a good product.

This is not an option, because Hunspell development is part of LibreOffice.
Authors and main contributors are all LibreOffice (
Caolán and me used GitHub only as a git repository for Hunspell, fixing
Hunspell problems mostly reported by LibreOffice users.
Driving force and main target of Hunspell development is still LibreOffice.

> I apologize for any inconveniences I created.


To solve this unfortunate situation, please, separate your "hunspell2"
under a different gitHub project and name, without using "Hunspell" or
"Hunspell v2" titles for it.

This will help me a lot to continue Hunspell developments for LibreOffice
in the next few weeks and later.

Best regards,

> Cheers,
> Dimitrij.
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