A proposal for separate English localization

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Hi Mike,

Le 13/10/2017 à 23:31, Kaganski Mike a écrit :
> Hello!
> Recently I was approached by members of our local community who manage 
> the translation of LibreOffice UI to Russian. I was told that they have 
> a regularly recurring problem, that each time a developer changes an 
> English string in LibreOffice UI, they have that string untranslated in 
> pootle, and need to repeat same actions again to re-translate it. What's 
> worse, the translation that pootle suggest in that case is oftentimes wrong.

Please read the l10n list archives, this has already been discussed
numerous times and the reason why it's not possible are clearly
explained here. Same for the problems when typos are fixed in the
source, and the current problem of scripting the changes. See my last
mail with topic 'Please read'. Thanks

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