Re-using Calc formula evaluation engine & emscripten/webassembly port

Alessandro Petrozzelli apetrozzelli at
Tue Oct 17 12:21:41 UTC 2017

Hi Riccardo, Markus, Michael,
thanks for your prompt replies!

Sad news about the fact that the calculation engine is tightly coupled with
the other modules of Calc, I'll take a look at ixion though, it looks

The reason I'm looking for a client side implementation is that I would like
to let the users being able to work in a web application like they would
with Excel or Calc: using web browser storage, the performance level
obtainable with the WevAssembly, and a proper use on server-side
synchronization it sounds like it is somewhat feasible.
Apparently there is a lack in this space.

Thanks again for your help!

Alessandro Petrozzelli

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