[libreoffice-l10n] Breaking News!... Help pages can be edited directly in gerrit.

Martin Srebotnjak miles at filmsi.net
Sat Apr 7 21:11:07 UTC 2018


just one example from Gerrit 4 hours ago:
"vector graphics;converting bitmaps"
was changed to:
"vector graphics; converting bitmaps"

Is that "missing space" an error? Not. What does this change cause? It
causes 100+ translations of that string obsolete, fuzzy, untranslated, not
shown in builds ... And 100+ localizers must again localize, check, edit
this same string ...

Is this kind of editing/"cleaning-up" of help really useful/desired? Not.

Lp, m.

2018-04-07 22:01 GMT+02:00 Martin Srebotnjak <miles at filmsi.net>:

> Hi,
> And now the Babilon tower is open to all ...
> For years I was asking for a kind of a review process for all new strings
> in UI/help and for the editing process. So someone overlooks all the
> changes going in and stops the ones that seem unfit (in langague or
> technical sense), thus reducing the repetitive editing of same strings.
> Instead, now there is a possibility to edit everything even more "easily",
> with even less thinking about it before it is done.
> So now we might see a surge in help changes that make many l10n projects
> quite vulnerable, and most probably several edits of same strings in a row
> (a documenter reminding oneself that another thing should be added or
> changed or edited, after it is already featured in git).
> Hopefully, this function is limited to master, because if this is
> available in "stable" versions, this will lead to havoc ...
> Lp, m.
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