[libreoffice-l10n] Breaking News!... Help pages can be edited directly in gerrit.

Martin Srebotnjak miles at filmsi.net
Sat Apr 7 20:01:27 UTC 2018


And now the Babilon tower is open to all ...

For years I was asking for a kind of a review process for all new strings
in UI/help and for the editing process. So someone overlooks all the
changes going in and stops the ones that seem unfit (in langague or
technical sense), thus reducing the repetitive editing of same strings.

Instead, now there is a possibility to edit everything even more "easily",
with even less thinking about it before it is done.

So now we might see a surge in help changes that make many l10n projects
quite vulnerable, and most probably several edits of same strings in a row
(a documenter reminding oneself that another thing should be added or
changed or edited, after it is already featured in git).

Hopefully, this function is limited to master, because if this is available
in "stable" versions, this will lead to havoc ...

Lp, m.
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