LO 546 x64 - SDK Example DocumentLoader.cxx crashes with Execption in mscx_uno.dll

Oliver Brinzing Oliver.Brinzing at gmx.de
Mon Apr 23 18:09:47 UTC 2018


are there any known problems with the DocumentLoader Example from
https://api.libreoffice.org/examples/cpp/DocumentLoader and LO x64?

i compiled with vs2015 and was able to execute successful with LO 546 x86.

compiled with x64 SDK (/D "WIN32" /D "WNT" /D "CPPU_ENV=mscx" and linked with: /MACHINE:X64)
it connect to a running LO 546 x64 office in listening mode, but will crash with an exception at:

Reference < XDesktop2 > xComponentLoader = Desktop::create(xComponentContext);

   Ausnahme ausgelöst bei 0x00007FFFED91EA70 (mscx_uno.dll) in DocumentLoader.exe:
   0xC0000005: Zugriffsverletzung beim Lesen an Position 0x0000000000000008.

seems to occur in "Reference.hxx":

inline XInterface * BaseReference::iquery(
     XInterface * pInterface, const Type & rType )
     if (pInterface)
         Any aRet( pInterface->queryInterface( rType ) );
  ->  Exception      if (typelib_TypeClass_INTERFACE == aRet.pType->eTypeClass)
             XInterface * pRet = static_cast< XInterface * >( aRet.pReserved );
             aRet.pReserved = NULL;
             return pRet;
     return NULL;


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