Help setting SSL between internet and Apache, but plain HTTP between Apache and CODE?

Felix Rubio Dalmau felix at
Mon Apr 23 18:21:15 UTC 2018

Hi all,

	I have set up CODE based on docker, and I am trying to achieve the following: have connections through internet use SSL/TLS to Apache, while Apache uses plain HTTP to communicate with Docker. Does anybody know if this is doable? I have been playing with the options (I have already SSL enabled for other sites, so I want to keep the same configuration, certificates, etc.) for SSL and SSLproxy, while either disabling SSL in the Docker container or leaving it enabled while setting the "terminal" parameter to "true"... all of them unsuccessfully.

	Furthermore: does make sense what I am trying to accomplish? I understand that there is no need to have SSL between the Apache and Docker, because they are in the same machine, while Apache enforces SSL on the connections from the internet to keep the data secure. When I do this, what I get in Firefox (when accessing any document in nextcloud) is a Content Security Policy error that refers to the plain text URL (http) although I have set up in nextcloud to use the SSL enabled URL (https), as I am enabling SSL on Apache itself.

	Thank you all!

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