GSOC 2019 - Costin Visan

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Thu Dec 20 18:37:05 UTC 2018

Hi Costin,

please excuse, that you not have got immediately answer.

costin visan schrieb am 18-Dec-18 um 14:41:
> Hello!
>     I'm really interested in participating this year at gsoc as part of
> your team. I'm writting you this email to get your attention and maybe
> to get a hint for this year's project. I'm in my second year at
> University Politehnica of Bucharest at the Faculty of Automatic Control
> and Computers and I study for a degree in Computer Science and
> Information Technology. I wanna start early this year contributing to
> the project as I wish to show you that I will be a great addition to
> your team. If I have caught your attention and you want to communicate
> me anything, I can be contacted on this mail.
>   * Many thanks, Costin Visan

The information for GSoC is not yet updated for 2019, but you should 
already start to become familiar with the process of contributing. 
Please have a look at and the 
start page

Do you have already coding skills?

Do you know LibreOffice as user? Do you have already a favorite area?

Because of the upcoming holidays, reaction might be slower as usual. 
Please be patient.

Kind regards

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