is it wise to comment on Bug 115625

krishna krishna at
Sat Feb 17 07:06:07 UTC 2018

downloaded test file and screenshots on Bug 115625 using lo viewer master daily build

observation: the issue is repro on

tinderbox: buildname: Android-ARM at 24-Bytemark-Hosting
tinderbox: tree: MASTER
tinderbox: pull time 2018-02-17 00:05:19
tinderbox: git sha1s

lyf flame 3, android 5.1

my dilemma:

[ 1 ] issue author has expressed concern and set earlier version to 3.6,  i assumed it might be inherited from openoffice.

so, dont add comment

[ 2 ] add a comment stating it is repro on lo viewer master daily build.

out of the above two, which one should i choose ?
your suggestions or advice are welcome.

krishna [ kr1shna ]

krishna [ never ever ask about my real name or identity ]

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