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Mon Jan 15 09:40:28 UTC 2018


No, I am not the guy who asked in the IRC channel, I have continued
revising the code of the android module of the application core, but I am
having some difficulties about recognizing design patterns clearly. I have
seen something similar to the Observer pattern in classes related to
control scrolling, or something similar to Composite pattern in the way the
layers are being composed. However I did not find a whole pattern to write
about it apart from Factory or Singleton. Could someone help me about that
in a more specific way?

Than you very mutch in advance.


Adrián López Martínez

El 14/1/2018 4:06 p. m., "Tor Lillqvist" <tml at> escribió:

> Are you the guy who has asked about this in the developer IRC channel? I
> think you were given this pointer already, but I repeat it here for
> posterity:
> --tml
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