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Mon Jan 15 12:26:38 UTC 2018

Hi Adrián,

the code base of LibreOffice predates most bibliography about software
patterns, so you aren't going to find documents like those here!

Still, I made a presentation some time ago that you may find useful,
specially the parts that describe the branch model, how releases work, etc.

The Android code is, indeed, modern, but it follows the good old
development methodology of "hack something together until it works, then
polish" :) You can still find some patterns, a good developer will find
ways to reuse code or structures, but sometimes it's not even a
conscious decision, and you won't find documentation about that
excepting blog posts from the authors, if they feel like writing about
that. Maybe check the blogs linked from:

If you dig a bit more in my blog you will find some posts about the
Android code that might (or might not!) be interesting. Like I said
before, they explain the parts I wrote. But please, don't ask about them
because I've totally forgot at this point! :D

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

On 15/01/18 10:40, Adrian Lopez wrote:
> Hi,
> No, I am not the guy who asked in the IRC channel, I have continued
> revising the code of the android module of the application core, but I
> am having some difficulties about recognizing design patterns clearly. I
> have seen something similar to the Observer pattern in classes related
> to control scrolling, or something similar to Composite pattern in the
> way the layers are being composed. However I did not find a whole
> pattern to write about it apart from Factory or Singleton. Could someone
> help me about that in a more specific way?
> Than you very mutch in advance.
> Bye,
> Adrián López Martínez 
> El 14/1/2018 4:06 p. m., "Tor Lillqvist" <tml at
> <mailto:tml at>> escribió:
>     Are you the guy who has asked about this in the developer IRC
>     channel? I think you were given this pointer already, but I repeat
>     it here for posterity: <>
>     --tml
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