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Hello Driss,

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 10:06 AM, Driss Ben Zoubeir <driss.zoubeir at
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> Hi libre office community,
> my name is Driss from Munich. I started before 3 years as Volounteer in
> Open Office  community and successfully solved some bugs. Now I want to
> contribute to libre office, but in Testing. I know this is the developer
> mailing list, but according to the website of libre Office I have to
> contact the devoloper list, if I want to help in programming automated
> tests.
> I have about 3 to 6 hours or even more per Week to Help with Testing. I
> already have some basic knowledge on Testing: Google Test, Unity, Google
> Mock, CMock, Tessy, jenkins...
> I would appreciate if you can Help me to start contributing on Testing.

I see that you already have some experience with testing frameworks so I
wanted to add a few more options to Xisco's answer. LibreOffice has a large
automated testing framework based on cppunit that is run during the build.
Most of these tests are unit and integration tests but many of them require
quite some understanding of how the corresponding code works to be able to
add a test. However if you have some area that you are especially
interested we might be able to find ways that you can contribute to these
tests without deep knowledge of the corresponding code.

Additionally, we have as Xisco managed a new UI testing framework that is
written in python and is built on top of the python unittest module. One of
our volunteers has been quite active adding writer UI tests in the last few
weeks (
If you are interested we can give you some more background how these tests
work, how to extend the test framework and how to add additional useful
tests. As an example many of the test case in TestLink could be converted
from manual tests to automated UI tests or integration tests.

If you are still interested in a more coding related testing effort but
none of the two above look that interesting to you I still have one or two
ideas for automated testing that have not been started or not yet been
ready. These mostly are python based testing concepts for problems that can
not be tested with the existing frameworks.

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