LO build: CppunitTest error in Ubuntu 16.04/18.04

Michael Stahl mst at libreoffice.org
Tue Jul 24 11:39:25 UTC 2018

On 24.07.2018 12:12, Ch g wrote:
> I tried to build a local branch created by merging latest gerrit master 
> with another branch, on both Ubuntu 16.04.4 and Ubuntu 18.04.1, and got 
> the same following error.

>     Error: a unit test failed, please do one of:
>     make CppunitTest_sd_import_tests CPPUNITTRACE="gdb --args"
>          # for interactive debugging on Linux
>     make CppunitTest_sd_import_tests VALGRIND=memcheck
>          # for memory checking
>     You can limit the execution to just one particular test by:
>     make CPPUNIT_TEST_NAME="testXYZ" ...above mentioned params...

this tells you that a test failed - but not why - perhaps you will find 
messages about assertion failures further up in the output?  those would 
be interesting...

> That branch was built(make) successfully only *with* 
> option "--build-nocheck" on MacOS 10.13.3, and that built LO app was 
> usable despite having some bugs which I caused when merging the 
> original old branch.

> How should I get a full normal build done?

perhaps it's a good idea to first do a build of the upstream master, 
without your changes?  then you'll know if your changes introduced the 
test failures or not.

to find out why the tests fail, use e.g. the gdb command that is 
printed, together with CPPUNIT_TEST_NAME to limit it to the failing test(s).

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