ODF specification for border around text portions

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Mon Jul 30 12:33:15 UTC 2018

Hi Tamás,

Tamás Zolnai schrieb am 30-Jul-18 um 11:57:
> Hi Regina,
> That's right what Miklos wrote here, it was added mainly for MS
> compatibility, so the expected behavior if it works similar to that.
> This line height handling "bug" seems an independent issue from the
> character border, which affects that use case too.

Yes, that bug can be seen too with images anchored as character or 
single characters in larger font size. But the effect of the bug for me 
is, that I cannot say "LibreOffice has implemented borders same as Word.".

> However I'm not sure that ODF specification is this detailed that you
> need to specify these things too. At least I did not meet with a
> detailed specification. As I remember in ODF spec the border related
> attrubutes are general attributes already used for other objects like
> paragraphs, pages, frames, etc.

Unfortunately it is not that simple. The border of the paragraph is a 
fo:border and is specified by a reference to XSL. And XSL specifies it 
by a reference to CSS2. And there I come to 
https://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/visudet.html#inline-non-replaced with its 
description "The vertical padding, border and margin of an inline, 
non-replaced box start at the top and bottom of the content area, and 
has nothing to do with the 'line-height'. But only the 'line-height' is 
used when calculating the height of the line box." Therefore the current 
fo:border is not suitable to describe a intended, Word compatible rendering.

  So it might be a good idea to check how
> paragraph border works for example. In theory these two should be
> somewhat consistent and as I see they are. Line height - border
> interaction seems similar for paragraphs and when a paragraph is
> splitted between pages I see two separate boxes.

That is the behavior of LibreOffice. But if browser (tested with 
Seamonkey and Chrome) split a paragraph across pages, then the bottom 
border of the paragraph in the first page is missing and the top border 
of the paragraph on the second page is missing. And because ODF 
indirectly uses CSS, here is a problem too.

Therefor this mail: How to resolve the differences between rendering as 
specified by CSS and rendering in Word?

Kind regards

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