MSVC being stupid (again)?

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at
Wed Mar 7 07:39:34 UTC 2018


Im going slightly mad over:


- uses a class which has a move ctor in a std container and a deleted copy
  ctor, which _should_ be fine
- compiles fine on OSX and Linux gcc and Linux clang
- it fails on MSVC with some bull&^(t errors that start off with "I tried to
  instanciate the deleted copy ctor" (which sounds almost reasonable) but ends
  with stuff including boost::args. which has ~nothing to do with the changes
  stl stuff involved and sound like it really took a wrong turn at some place
- copying and renaming the involved clasess to uwriter seems to make the
  std::list<SwDepend2> compile just fine

My gut feeling is that window precompiled headers are hitting a broken corner
case here. Anyone having any hints?



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