Call for help in MSI/DEB/RPM packaging for new help

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at
Wed Mar 7 15:34:22 UTC 2018

HI Rene,

Em 07/03/2018 05:24, Rene Engelhard escreveu:
> On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 12:13:11PM -0300, Olivier Hallot wrote:
>> I really need advise and help to proceed and build the necessary
>> packages to replace the old help.
>> It requires understanding of build process, makefiles and perl scripts
>> in scp2/ module.
>> The task looks simple: once the new help is built (--with-help=html),
>> the help files are available in core/instdir/help/6.1 so it must take
>> the 6.1/ folder and make a package, which is as simple as zipping it. Of
>> course, replace '6.1' by %PRODUCTVERSION.
>> Any collaboration or help here is welcome. Question on the task here or
>> in #libreoffice-dev
> Forgive my ignorance, maybe I am missing something - but if you did the scp2
> stuff correctly (and defined the gid_*s correctly) the packaging should just
> pick it up? I mean, there's already help packaging doing that packing up
> the old help.

I did not do scp2. gid_* is a wizardry I don't master. What I know is
the old help package is processed per modules (writer, calc...), per

> So it basically only boils down to scp2.


> How did the stuff end up in instdir anyway? With scp2? Or via some
> manual hackery?

Not scp2 so far. It is in


> That would also solve it automatically for distributions who use
> make disto-pack-install (which is basically a make install with writing
> the contents of the gid_*s to gid_* files on disk so one can use those
> for splitting the packages appropriately)
> Regards,
> Rene

Thanks for the comments.

Olivier Hallot
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