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Thu Mar 8 07:08:29 UTC 2018


I have gone through the links as suggested by mentors, and I would like to
confirm that bug 37932
<>(it's mentioned
about developing an smartart feature but not clearing which
charts/diagrams/shapes should be included in the period of GSoC) and bug
92902 <>(Auto-Layout
for flowcharts and automatic flowcharts) are the deliverables for "SmartArt
editing in impress". As well as apart from bug 72771
<> (Automation
feature to automate the flowcharting process saving time and increasing
productivity) is there any other deliverable for "Block diagram" also.

Moreover If I could know whether Implementation of Smartart should be from
scratch or it is already present( I couldn't see smartart feature in lo,
Not talking about the extension). If there's any information that I should
know, please let me know.

Thanking you,
Ekansh Jha


On 6 March 2018 at 00:37, Ekansh Jha <jhaekansh80 at> wrote:

> Hi Jan, Thorsten and Community,
> I looked into the project "Smart Art Editing in Impress" as suggested and
> I found it interesting and an essential feature for the libreoffice.
> Hence I would like to contribute to that project to make that feature
> better.
> It would be great if I can get to know what are the important blogs, code
> pointers or other requirements should i go through. As It's a hard project,
> It would be helpful to get Mentors valuable advice about this project(as
> smart art feature is big, so what exactly should be introduced). So that I
> can look and understand the implementation of the code.
> Thanking you,
> Ekansh Jha
> On 5 March 2018 at 02:49, Thorsten Behrens <thb at> wrote:
>> Ekansh Jha wrote:
>> > I think I might be considering other project named "Block diagrams".
>> > It would be great if I can get to know which part of code should i look
>> for
>> > better understanding and implementation of Block diagrams or any blogs
>> > related to it.
>> >
>> Hi Ekansh Jha,
>> glad to hear you're interested in the Block diagram task - which is
>> conceptually not too different from the SmartArt editing one, so you
>> might want to checkout that one as well, as Kendy suggested.
>> Here's a bit more background for starters (though I'd strongly advise
>> to focus on EasyHacks for the moment):
>>  -
>>  -
>>  -
>> Cheers,
>> -- Thorsten
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