Request for GSoC project Integrate ui dialogs with translation tooling

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Hello Sanan,

On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 7:04 AM, SANAN ANSARI <asannan822 at> wrote:

> Hi , I'm Sanan Ansari. I am pursing my B.E in computer Engineering from
> Mumbai university India.I just read the project idea of Integrate .ui
> dialogs with translation tooling. I have knowledge about Python. I would
> love to work on the project. Please , If you can give more documentation
> about project it will help me.
> By the way this my first GSoc and I’m new to open source , real world
> project.
> Hope you will help me as I’m a beginner.
I think that Christian who proposed to mentor the project is currently on
vacation. So here just some initial pointers for the project: is our translation service
based on pootle. If you go to one of the UI strings you often find as
location a reference to somename.ui (e.g.
. However, for a translator this might not be obvious where this dialog is
used and how the string is used in the UI.

I think the idea is to make it more obvious for the translators where a
string is used and how the dialog looks. But keep in mind that not all
translated strings are stored in UI files. Many of the strings are also
defined in source files and used directly in the code.

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