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W dniu 12.03.2018 o 00:32, Kshitij Pathania pisze:
> Style dropdown in notebookbar- As I see, in all the notebookbars 
> styles dropdown combo box is there, then why in GSoC ideas it is 
> written that "new functions such as style dropdown haven't been 
> introduced yet". Please correct me if something above is wrong.
That wiki description may be not accurate :) We have two documents with 
notebookbar review.

Let's focus on this one (GSoC 2018):

Here is older version GSoC 2017:

> Customization of notebookbar- Customization via Glade is not suitable 
> for normal users so we need to user-friendly interface to customize 
> the notebookbar.But since the ui files are specific for each 
> notebookbar, customization will make all these glade files dynamic.How 
> this can be achieved, some advice will be helpful in this.

For now the main goal should be: to make Notebookbar not experimental.

So fixing existing bugs and blockers mentioned in our list first, after 
we achieve this we can focus on customization. In mentioned docuents 
there are proposed xml structures to describe notebookbar design. This 
is bigger and hard task. This may be needed to create new builder (like 
exising one in the vcl to parse .ui files) and.

> Resizing of notebookbar - Do I need to improve the existing algorithm 
> for resizing using PriorityHBox and DropdownBox or need to make a new 
> algorithm to implement new features especially of ms ribbon resize(as 
> these improvements will be slightly different from above algorithm and 
> cannot be added on it ).
I think we have idea how resizing should work and this is described in 
mentioned google documents and/or in bugzilla tickets.  We have tickets 
with issues on bugzilla and it is enough to improve existing algorithm. 
Of course if this will be easier to prepare new one you can try :)

Bugzilla notebookbar bugs:

If you want to discuss about ideas for notebookbar you can also talk 
with designers: Heiko Tietze, Yousuf Philips and Andreas Kainz.
Here is Design Telegram group:
IRC: #libreoffice-design <irc://>

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