GSoC Idea Discussion "Improvements to Notebookbar"

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Mon Mar 12 11:52:42 UTC 2018

Hi Kshitij,

Some very good points from Szymon, I'd only add:

Szymon Kłos píše v Po 12. 03. 2018 v 12:22 +0100:

> > Customization of notebookbar- Customization via Glade is not
> > suitable for normal users so we need to user-friendly interface to
> > customize the notebookbar.But since the ui files are specific for
> > each notebookbar, customization will make all these glade files
> > dynamic.How this can be achieved, some advice will be helpful in
> > this.
> For now the main goal should be: to make Notebookbar not
> experimental.
> So fixing existing bugs and blockers mentioned in our list first, 

This is the most important indeed :-)

> after we achieve this we can focus on customization. In mentioned
> docuents there are proposed xml structures to describe notebookbar
> design. This is bigger and hard task. This may be needed to create
> new builder (like exising one in the vcl to parse .ui files) and. 

I think we can start small here - first just add some possibility for
users to enable / disable items in the existing notebookbars would be
very helpful; and already probably non-trivial.  Let's see.

It's awesome you are interested in the notebookbar task!

All the best,

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