Student introduction for GSoC 2018

Saurav Chirania saurav.chir at
Sun Mar 18 20:42:53 UTC 2018

Hello, community.

I have already sent a couple of emails here, but I felt the need to send a
mail explicitly for my introduction (as mentioned in the “How to work with
us” page of LibreOffice).

Name – Saurav Chirania

Email – saurav.chir at

IRC nick – chirania

Education – Currently a second-year undergraduate student, studying
Computer Science and Engineering

College/University – Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad

GSoC Idea interested in – “Add a DSL to the UI testing and improve the
generated log file”

I have already submitted my proposal on the GSoC website. Please consider
giving me a feedback on it.
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