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Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Mar 29 07:29:46 UTC 2018

Funny this '#ifdef DEBUG' was brought up now, it happened to be discussed
on IRC yesterday.

As it happens, in LibreOffice code, "#ifdef DEBUG" is 1:1 equivalent to
"#if (OSL_DEBUG_LEVEL >= 2)", and the thought was that perhaps all
instances of "#ifdef DEBUG" should be changed to that instead, to make it
more clear that it is a rather rare way to build, that code inside "#ifdef
DEBUG" is *not* compiled in a normal --enable-debug or --enable-dbgutil
build, but one needs the much more rare case of increasing the dbglevel

It has even been suggested in the past we should get rid of those dbglevel,
or OSL_DEBUG_LEVEL, things, to make the configuration space smaller. It is
quite enough (in my opinion) to have --enable-debug, --enable-dbgutil,
--enable-symbols, --enable-assert-always-abort, and --enable-sal-log, that
all have related but different meanings. Also --enable-release-build could
be interpreted as being related. And I probably forgot some...

Currently, when somebody loosely talks about "debug mode" vs "release mode"
(as is common for people coming from a background of Visual Studio
projects, for instance), it is fairly unclear what they actually mean. We
should strive to make it clearer.

What you say "make my own DEBUG build", what do you mean exactly?

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