StylePoolImpl::createIterator function does not take 0 arguments

himajin100000 himajin100000 at
Fri Mar 30 18:18:12 UTC 2018

It seems that .hpp(and .hdl included from .hpp) for the RectanglePoint
was created from .idl/.rdb by cppumaker that runs based on the .mk file,
and the resulting files will be stored under


RectanglePoint.hdl says

enum SAL_DLLPUBLIC_RTTI RectanglePoint
    RectanglePoint_LEFT_TOP = 0,
    RectanglePoint_MIDDLE_TOP = 1,
    RectanglePoint_RIGHT_TOP = 2,
    RectanglePoint_LEFT_MIDDLE = 3,
    RectanglePoint_MIDDLE_MIDDLE = 4,
    RectanglePoint_RIGHT_MIDDLE = 5,
    RectanglePoint_LEFT_BOTTOM = 6,
    RectanglePoint_MIDDLE_BOTTOM = 7,
    RectanglePoint_RIGHT_BOTTOM = 8,
}; there's no wonder the compiler complains about the mere
LEFT_TOP. Fixed.

I also confirmed successful compilation with << operator for
RectanglePoint(with few modifications for the enum).

Thank you all for the advice.

I successfully made my own build with many of the macros intact from my
own local branch.

I've submitted most of the patches to gerrit,

except all the following.

* RectanglePointToOUString , for the code's crappiness (unintentionally
submitted. deleted from gerrit on my side: 52165)

* the proposed << operator code for not knowing well about interception
between the tools that automatically generate .hdl as mentioned above.(

* the code for boxclipper.cxx( Unsubmitted )

Currently, I'm receiving Verified-1, but it's not my fault. I'll try
later( Does this need to be rebased to trigger re-build then?)

broken buildslave - failed to checkout
the build failed because of an issue with the bot itself, not with the code.
The Bot failed to checkout the source


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