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Sat May 5 11:32:24 UTC 2018

I am Om Pandey , a college student from India , I got to know about Gsoc
and open source contribution in December 2017 , Since then i have been
trying to contribute to the open source community
I am in my freshmen year of college and i have been trying to look out for
ways of contribution to the open source community with all failed attempts
i am completely lost as what i should do or where i should start please
guide me so that i can learn to contribute .
I chose to message this organisation as I myself am a vry avid user of
LibreOffice and use it to document all my files and work and would hence
like to contribute .
Please guide me as to what is to be done , i know most of the technologies
which have been listed in your Gsoc page inculding
c++,java,javascript,php,python and many more
But I am not understanding as to what is to be done , where and how to
start and what to do , I wanted to be a part in Gsoc 2018 , but failed due
to lack of guidance , please tell me as to what is to be done.
I have an entire year to go ,please guide me and I promise that to the best
of my efforts I shall perform.
Yours Truly,
Om Pandey
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