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Sat May 5 19:01:46 UTC 2018

Hello Calvin,

welcome aboard! :-D

First off all, I am not a developer but a contributer of the LibreOffice 
project, but I want to try to help you.

Am 05.05.2018 um 13:32 schrieb Calvin:
> Sir,
2nd: You failed with the first word. Colonial times are happily gone and 
hopefully never come back.
We are a very diverse community, scattered around the globe with all 
kinds of people.
> I am Om Pandey , a college student from India , I got to know about 
> Gsoc and open source contribution in December 2017 , Since then i have 
> been trying to contribute to the open source community
> I am in my freshmen year of college and i have been trying to look out 
> for ways of contribution to the open source community with all failed 
> attempts i am completely lost as what i should do or where i should 
> start please guide me so that i can learn to contribute .
Which kind of guidance do you need? In which field do you want to work?
As a first starting point:
> I chose to message this organisation as I myself am a vry avid user of 
> LibreOffice and use it to document all my files and work and would 
> hence like to contribute .
> Please guide me as to what is to be done , i know most of the 
> technologies which have been listed in your Gsoc page inculding
> c++,java,javascript,php,python and many more
Our code base is very complex, legacy, convoluted and needs a lot of 
love and work. Nobody understands it its whole.
So you often need a "specialist" as mentor in the area you want to work. 
But we are all helpful.
> But I am not understanding as to what is to be done , where and how to 
> start and what to do , I wanted to be a part in Gsoc 2018 , but failed 
> due to lack of guidance , please tell me as to what is to be done.
Unhappily, too late for GSoC 2018 for sure, for all projects involved. 
But you can dive in our team, beginning with building the source, 
finding interesting pieces. Also lurking around and asking in our IRC 
dev channel #libreoffice-dev @ is not the worst idea. Your 
advantage is then to be more familiar with the code for the next GSoC 
2019 and knowing better yourself what you want and intend to do and what 
> I have an entire year to go ,please guide me and I promise that to the 
> best of my efforts I shall perform.
> Regards,
> Yours Truly,
> Om Pandey

Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Sophia Schröder
German Language Team
IRC: SophiaS

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