Proposed XHP extensions

Dave Barton daveb at
Mon Oct 22 14:23:46 UTC 2018

Hi Olivier,

Yes, this would be a step forward in making things easier for people to
contribute to the help files, which is not an easy task even for those
of us who have some knowledge of XML.

If my reading of your answer to Noel is correct, you propose to set the
DTD to localize="true". It's unclear to me why xml-lang CDATA #REQUIRED
is set, otherwise your example could be reduced to <tip id="123456">, or
am I missing something?

Anyway thanks for your continuing efforts to to improve this function.

Best Regards

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> HI Noel
> Thanks for the comments.
> Em 22/10/2018 08:29, Noel Grandin escreveu:
>> Hi
>> Seems like a nice idea in general.
>> Just a couple of notes:
>>> <paragraph role="tip" id="123456" xml-lang="en-US" localize="true">
>> Should localize=true not just be the default? so it only needs to be
>> specified for the occasional chunk of text that is lanuage-neutral?
> Correct. localize="true" is currently the default and was mentioned for
> completeness.
>> Similarly, should xml-lang="en-US" not just be specified in some tag
>> near the root of the document, and everything else inherits that setting?
> This attribute is not used in the current Help. It defines the source
> language for translation, string-wise. But since we stick to English
> here it is not effective and is left for legacy.
> We can define it in the root of the document, but I'll refrain to do a
> massive change unless we can do it silently to prevent triggering
> re-translations.
>> Perhaps these are already in place, and I just didn't see it - either
>> way, keep up the good work!
> Thanks for the comments and kind words.
> Regards

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