LibreOffice Impress Presentation Server

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Wed Oct 31 00:01:08 UTC 2018

Hi Sergi,

Sergi Baila wrote:
> Given all these requirements I'm thinking of something on the line
> of what I call a "LibreOffice Impress Presentation Server". A
> standalone app (LibreOffice impress) which can receive commands
> (REST?) regarding which information to show on the secondary
> screen. I am also open to any other alternative (like an embedded
> Java engine?).
Pretty much anything in LibreOffice can be remote-controlled from a
different process (even from a different box), via a protocol called
UNO (quite similar to COM).

Here's an example in python (but the UNO API calls are really quite
similar for Java):

That leaves the question on how to dynamically generate slide content,
but that also works via UNO (you can even send Impress files over the
wire). There's documentation for that, e.g. Andrew's macro book linked
from the article above:

Hope that helps,

-- Thorsten
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