Precedence between fo:line-height and style:line-height-at-least

Michael Stahl Michael.Stahl at
Mon Sep 3 10:38:28 UTC 2018

hi Regina,

On 01.09.2018 19:01, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi all,
> the ODF specification has only for value "normal" a rule for the 
> precedence between the attributes fo:line-height [3] and 
> style:line-height-at-least [1] and style:line-spacing [2]. So I want 
> to extend the description. Unfortunately LibreOffice behaves so, that 
> the attribute order determines the final style (examine attached 
> file). But in XML the order of attributes is irrelevant. So what 
> behavior would you like to be specified?
i agree that having results depending on attribute order is in need of 
improvement, but i'm not sure what exactly the result should be in that 

maybe the "fo:line-height" should win, because it's an "exact" value, 
while "style:line-height-at-least" specifies only a lower bound?

> The attributes "style:line-height-at-least" and "style:line-spacing" 
> are not supported for ODF by MS Office. I don't know, whether 
> something similar exists in OOXML.

okay then preferring "fo:line-height" would interop better with MS 
Office too...

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