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Mon Sep 3 12:35:57 UTC 2018

Hello Drew,

If you are looking forward to developing the eclipse addon directly from
the source, you can try the following:-

*1.* Run this command (switch to the build folder in the downloaded
   ~/git/loeclipse/build$ *ant -Dlibreoffice.home=/usr/lib/libreoffice
*2.* A new folder called 'site' is created beside the existing core, java,
python (*python folder will show up if there is Python module in the
repository that you downloaded*), build and script folder.
*3.* Go to Eclipse. Open the Help menu -> Install -> Click the Add button
-> Select Local -> Use the wizard to select the 'site' folder created in
above step.

A concise version was mentioned under

If you are looking forward to contributing to the source code, following
the steps mentioned under would help you get

Thanks and Regards,
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