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Mon Sep 3 14:28:10 UTC 2018

Howdy Shobhan,

First, a little embarrassed that I somehow skipped visually what was there
for instructions.

Not sure I understand about the python project, that is the only reason I
cloned the repository was to
pickup the python support. There was no python folder created at that time,
so maybe I did something wrong right there. Is there a different repository?

Anyway, imported the source into eclipse (committer-photon june 2018) and
I've tried building with ant outside eclipse.
(not sure that it matters but for the LibreOffice installation I'm using
the 6.2 master daily build and sdk)

So far no love from either build, but down to only a few errors when done
inside Eclipse (4 total); outside using ANT many more.

Anyway, thanks for the response, it was a needed gentle slap on the back of
the head ;-0

Will get back into later today and see if I can't get it all  worked out.
If really get stuck I'll ask more.

Thanks for the work on the project and best wishes,


On Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 8:38 AM Shobhan Mandal <dev.shobhanmandal at>

> Hello Drew,
> If you are looking forward to developing the eclipse addon directly from
> the source, you can try the following:-
> *1.* Run this command (switch to the build folder in the downloaded
> repository):
>    ~/git/loeclipse/build$ *ant -Dlibreoffice.home=/usr/lib/libreoffice
> -Declipse.home=/home/shobhan/Desktop/..../eclipse*
> *2.* A new folder called 'site' is created beside the existing core,
> java, python (*python folder will show up if there is Python module in
> the repository that you downloaded*), build and script folder.
> *3.* Go to Eclipse. Open the Help menu -> Install -> Click the Add button
> -> Select Local -> Use the wizard to select the 'site' folder created in
> above step.
> A concise version was mentioned under
> If you are looking forward to contributing to the source code, following
> the steps mentioned under
> would help you get
> started.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Shobhan.
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