[libreoffice-design] Re[2]: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting 2018-Sep-05

Jean-Francois Nifenecker jean-francois.nifenecker at laposte.net
Tue Sep 11 17:22:22 UTC 2018

Le 06/09/2018 à 12:32, Роман К. a écrit :
> Hello, all. I agree with "killing" Firefox personas. And I like adding just 4-5 solid color themes.
I've (manually) added the LibreOffice 4 Light Ambiance persona from 
Firefox on my trainer PC 

Adding them is a chore: you've got to use the advanced mode because, as 
already stated, the UI is not working anymore for a loooong time.

After having doubts about personas (in fact I was very reluctant to 
using them), I can tell that it draws attention during training sessions ;-)

So, I'd strongly vote to keep (and fix) the personas thingy and against 
having only solid themes.
Jean-Francois Nifenecker, Bordeaux

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