[libreoffice-design] Re[2]: [libreoffice-design] Minutes from the design meeting 2018-Sep-05

Halmai, Csongor csongor at halmai.hu
Wed Sep 12 12:50:01 UTC 2018

Hi All,

from my personal perspective, I don't use personas, I never did. But...

I taught hundreds of people, children and adults as well and I can say most people like "funny little harmless" things 
like this.

Just imagine how many users change their desktop background, even if they cannot see it the whole day. They simply just 
like personalize it. I think such a little thing that makes LO more attractive for the newcomers, should be kept.

If it breaks then it should be fixed.


On 2018.09.12. 3:44, infinitytec wrote:
> I'd have to agree with the idea of removing Personas. Why? Because they keep breaking. A couple of prebuilt solid themes would do the trick. Allow people to make and tweak themes as well, and even add images. It could, perhaps, still be compatible with the Persona system, but rely only on LO to function, as I know some issues have been caused on Mozilla's end.
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> Le 06/09/2018 à 12:32, Роман К. a écrit :
>> Hello, all. I agree with "killing" Firefox personas. And I like adding just 4-5 solid color themes.
> I've (manually) added the LibreOffice 4 Light Ambiance persona from
> Firefox on my trainer PC
> (https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/libreoffice-4-light-ambiance/?src=search).
> Adding them is a chore: you've got to use the advanced mode because, as
> already stated, the UI is not working anymore for a loooong time.
> After having doubts about personas (in fact I was very reluctant to
> using them), I can tell that it draws attention during training sessions ;-)
> So, I'd strongly vote to keep (and fix) the personas thingy and against
> having only solid themes.

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