Python in LibreOffice don't support https?

Michael Stahl mst at
Mon Apr 1 13:25:32 UTC 2019

On 29.03.19 21:50, Aleks_SH wrote:
> Hi.
> I try this python code in LibreOffice 6.2.2 under Win 10:
> from urllib.request import urlopen
> url = ''
> file = urlopen(url)
> html =
> And get error: <class 'urllib.error.URLError'>: <urlopen error unknown url
> type: https>........
> Python in LibreOffice don't support https?

yes it does.

> HTTPS support is only available if the socket module was compiled with SSL
> support.
> What can I do to enable https?

typically the problem there is that there's some libeay32.dll or 
ssleay32.dll in C:/Windows/System or somewhere in $PATH and that gets 
loaded with higher priority than the LO's bundled DLLs in C:/Program 
Files/LibreOffice and breaks everything.

if you can figure out which application installed OpenSSL DLLs 
system-wide, please complain to them that they're breaking other apps.

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